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TeleSeminars are state-of-the-art teleconference system and provides powerful content combined with the shared wisdom of group training. These TeleForums are delivered in a “series” of workshops to provide you with a menu of training programs throughout the year. Our teleconference call system will be limited to only 30 participants and we can create an intimate learning environment, so we can deliver power training for either an individual, a sales team or an entire company.

TeleSeminars are cost-effective and are also an efficient way to manage time as they allow you to call into these training programs without ever having to leave your office. When each call is finished, you are ready to apply the knowledge you just learned. 

Our TeleSeminars are designed to deliver powerful sales training and sales management training programs for your day-to-day issues of building trust, setting appointments, leasing and renewing residents, world-class customer service/resident retention, leadership and team building and proven follow-up techniques

My TeleSeminar training programs are an accumulation of 47,000 hours of coaching and training sales and service support companies around the country with an outstanding track record. How have I helped companies with outstanding results? Over the years, I have developed a series of powerful "SuperStar Sales And Customer Retention" modules that are designed to drive new sales and renewals to your organization. These programs cover outside marketing/prospecting, telephone/appointment setting techniques, giving powerful demonstrations/presentations, closing, overcoming objections, world-class servicing for your customers/residents and how and when to follow-up with your prospects.


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